Sunday, March 13, 2011

Justice Will Prevail

While the catastrophic earthquake in Japan was powerful enough to shake the Wisconsin news clear off the front page you should know that my youngest daughter and I stood inside a crowd estimated at 100,000 souls yesterday at the state capitol. It took us nearly an hour to inch along from six blocks out to the top of the steps leading into the rotunda. From that vantage point (or any other) it was impossible to view the entire throng. Addressed by speakers as diverse as the Rev. Jesse Jackson (who offered a prayer to those suffering in Japan) to Tony Shalhoub (television's Detective Monk, a native of Green Bay whose sister is a teacher), the whole experience was dizzying. The atmosphere was almost festive but I never looked into the face of anyone who looked like they had made this pilgrimage for its entertainment value. I think justice will prevail. When the rally ended we waited at a bus stop for a ride to the outlying neighborhood where we had parked the Buick. Bus after bus sped by without halting. They were all overloaded. This morning I am exhausted but empowered to do the work necessary to recall the Governor and his henchmen.

One protestor carried a sign cobbled together crudely from cardboard and lath and duct tape, "They have money. We have many."